In VIRIDIS PHARMA, our development new products program includes many studies, researches before investigating formula. These researches are about the compatibility of excipient, the plans and the verification of analysis methods, developing and optimizing formula, the official studies of the stability. In VIRIDIS PHARMA, we also show quality - determination to continuously improve the quality of high-tech products.

The tested product (in proportion) must have stable results according to ICH standards. All documentation for laboratory data must comply with European standards or FDA compliance model, depending on the target market.

VIRIDIS PHARMA also has ability to research- specialize in designing, testing and evaluating health care products for the bio labels. The mathematics which we use to develope our techniques includes many scientists who were from some of the best research institutions. Through a combination of advanced analytical instruments, the global standard infrastructure, the world-class proficiency with outstanding scientific qualifications. We ensure that customers will get real value for their projects, which is completed in the fastest way and the most economical efficiency without reducing the quality of the data.

In VIRIDIS PHARMA, we understand that suficient infrastructure which can meet global standard is one of the most vital factors for achieving goals. Our laboratories are well equipped to manufacture the products with comprehensive quality; shipped products always meet the standard as registration with homogeneity, efficiency and safety to users.

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